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New Year, New Skincare! Shop 23% Off ALL PRODUCTS Until 1/31!
New Year, New Skincare! Shop 23% Off ALL PRODUCTS Until 1/31!

About Us

 Serena Nicole is the Founder and CEO of Serena Nicole Skincare. As a Black Queer Woman, Serena is grateful that she has created an amazing brand that can service all gender and non-genderless persons within all communities!
Serena has always had a passion for creation and skincare so formulating products came naturally to her. Acknowledging the need for affordable and accessible luxury health, wellness, and skincare products and tools was something she wanted to provide for her community. Everyday Serena Nicole encourages her community to glow not only on the outside, but on the inside. That is the true magic - to be oneself, and for that to be more than enough every time.
The Brand Serena Nicole Skincare LLC, also known as Serena Nicole Skincare or SNS is a genderless health, wellness, and skincare brand. All Products are all natural and handcrafted in small batches with NO Chemicals. This skincare brand started with a personal mission to only want all natural ingredients touching the largest organ of the body - the skin.
Serena Nicole Skincare brings affordable luxury to your skincare routine with products & skin tools that are effective for all skin types. Serena Nicole has been working tirelessly to create quality products to help customers Glow Naturally. Thank You sincerely for supporting the brand, whether that is from purchasing products or sharing with friends your support does not go unnoticed.
Welcome to the glow gang - inside and out.