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Use code “REFRESH” for 20% off all cleansers & toners until August 30th!
Use code “REFRESH” for 20% off all cleansers & toners until August 30th!


The Founder


I am Serena Nicole, the founder of Serena Nicole Skincare based in NYC. Passionate about holistic wellness, I’ve spent the past six years empowering countless individuals to prioritize feeling good. I dream of a world where we fulfill our potential and inspire others to do the same. My personal brand is a space for self-love and a passion for life, and I create uplifting experiences through my holistic wellness business. I channel my energy to create a world where people care for their mind, body, and soul because everyone deserves to feel good.


Serena Nicole Skincare is one brand within my holistic wellness business that builds community by inspiring holistic ways for people to feel good.

Serena Nicole Skincare creates natural, inclusive and diverse skincare products. All product formulations are supported by research of holistic wellness and the biggest organ of the body- the skin.


Our products have a wide range- from internal to external use, for face & body. We believe you deserve to have skin that feels good, and every product we create will bring out your glow.

The Creation
The Energy

Golden Hour is a mesmerizing time of day when the sun sets and paints the sky with breathtaking colors. Each sunset brings a unique sky, yet it never fails to leave your skin glowing.


Bring out your glow, so It's always golden hour.